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LOVD Gene configuration area

Advanced edit features

Copy Column
This feature can be used to copy or move certain values from one specific column to another. The copy column form guides you to define which genes would you like to work on, which columns you want to copy values from, which text you want to search for in that column, where in this field you want to have the search text match and which field you want to have the value copied to. You also have to choose whether you want to overwrite the existing value or to append the copied value to the existing value, and you can choose to delete the copied value in the copied from field (move the value). This works for two columns at a time only, the column you want to copy from and the column you want to copy to.

Warning Be extremely careful when using this function since misuse can empty an entire field in the database. It would be wise to do a download of the database first for backup purposes.

In the configuration area, click the "Copy Column" link.
Select genes: Select which genes you want to apply this copy column on. If you perform copy column on a patient column, only the patients that have variants in the selected genes will be edited.
Copy values from: Select the column you want the values copied from. This drop-down list shows all custom columns available in LOVD; if you select a column that is not enabled for the gene(s) you want to apply copy column to, no changes are done to the database.
Match type: Select how you want to search the selected field for the search value:
  • Field value is... the search string should match the field's contents exactly.
  • Field contains... the search string can be found anywhere within the field's value.
  • Field starts with... the field's value should start with the search string.
  • Field ends with... the field's value should end with the search string.
Find text: Fill in the search string that you wish to match the column you want to copy. Please note that the entire contents of the column will be copied, not just the part matching your "Find text".
Copy value to: Select the column you want the values to be copied to.
Append or overwrite: Choose between appending to or overwriting the existing value.
Move the copied field: Tick this box to delete the values in the column you copied from.

If all fields are filled in correctly, LOVD will first notify you about the number of entries that matched your find text and ask you if you want to continue. After your confirmation, LOVD will do the copy column and notify you of the number of matched entries and the number of updated entries.

Copy Column does not have an undo. So be extremely careful with what you do. If you make an error while using the form, you may lose important data from the selected column.

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Fokkema IF, Taschner PE, Schaafsma GC, Celli J, Laros JF, den Dunnen JT (2011). LOVD v.2.0: the next generation in gene variant databases. Hum Mutat. 2011 May;32(5):557-63.

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