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Please note that the latest available build is always installed on our Leiden server. We offer free use of this LOVD installation for those interested, e.g. to maintain/start a LSDB. Contact us for more information.

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In total: 4,553,921 variants in 1,801,997 individuals in 18 LOVD installations. LOVD 3.0-30 23035 genes 2429618 variants
Global Variome shared LOVD A1BG,A1BG-AS1,A1CF,A2LD1,A2M,A2M-AS1,A2ML1,A2MP1,A3GALT2,... 418884 unique LOVD 3.0-30 22002 genes 1998175 variants
Whole genome datasets A1BG,A1BG-AS1,A1CF,A2M,A2M-AS1,A2ML1,A2MP1,A4GALT,A4GNT,A... 1998135 unique LOVD 3.0-23 98 genes 36951 variants
CanVaS - A Greek Cancer Patient Genetic Variation Resource AIP,ALK,APC,ATM,BAP1,BARD1,BLM,BMPR1A,BRCA1,BRCA2,BRIP1,B... 8213 unique LOVD 3.0-29 1630 genes 28676 variants
MSeqDR-LSDB Mitochondrial Disease Locus Specific Database AADAT,AARS2,AASS,ABAT,ABCA13,ABCA9,ABCB10,ABCB6,ABCB7,ABC... 18301 unique LOVD 2.0-33 8 genes 26167 variants
LOVD - human mismatch repair genes MLH1,MLH1_priors,MSH2,MSH2_priors,MSH6,MSH6_priors,PMS2,P... 26167 unique LOVD 3.0-30 104 genes 9717 variants
sither AIP,AKT1,ALK,APC,ASS1,ATM,AXIN2,BAP1,BARD1,BLM,BMPR1A,BRC... 1807 unique LOVD 3.0-29 244 genes 6426 variants
NDDVD - Neurodegenerative Diseases Variation Database ABCA7,ADCY5,ADORA1,AFG3L2,AGBL3,ALS2,ANG,ANXA11,APEX1,APO... 4968 unique LOVD 2.0-34 1 gene 3438 variants
rb1-lsdb RB1 1770 unique LOVD 3.0-27 0 genes 3414 variants
LOVD - Leiden Open Variation Database 667 unique LOVD 3.0-29 311 genes 3074 variants
Malaysian Node of the Human Variome Project Database ABCA1,ABCA12,ABCA5,ABCB1,ABCC2,ABCD1,ABCG8,ABL1,ACE,ADAM2... 1603 unique LOVD 2.0-38 37 genes 2495 variants
The Globin Gene Server ALOX5AP,AQP9,ARG2,ASS1,ATRX,BCL11A,CNTNAP2,CSNK2A1,EPAS1,... 2317 unique LOVD 2.0-22 3 genes 1822 variants
Database of BRCA1 and BRCA2 sequence variants that have been clinically reclassified using a quantit BRCA1,BRCA1fx,BRCA2 1850 unique LOVD 2.0-38 1 gene 1443 variants
HGD mutation database HGD 258 unique LOVD 3.0-16 6 genes 713 variants
Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Mutation Database SMAD2,SMAD3,TGFB2,TGFB3,TGFBR1,TGFBR2 328 unique LOVD 3.0-21 11 genes 634 variants
Coppola Lab - GIFT Variant Database APP,C9orf72,CHMP2B,FUS,GRN,MAPT,PSEN1,PSEN2,TARDBP,TBK1,VCP 585 unique LOVD 3.0-30 110 genes 571 variants
Labor Staber Humangenetik ABCC8,ABCC9,ADA2,AEBP1,AIP,APC,APOB,APPL1,ATM,ATP7B,ATXN3... 556 unique LOVD 2.0-38 13 genes 399 variants
Diamond-Blackfan Anemia GATA1,RPL11,RPL15,RPL26,RPL31,RPL35A,RPL5,RPS10,RPS17,RPS... 256 unique LOVD 3.0-27 31 genes 188 variants
(This list is updated daily and shows LOVD 2.0 and 3.0 installations active for the last three months that have the "include in the global LOVD listing" setting enabled. Please allow one day for changes to take effect.)

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When using or discussing LOVD please refer to:
Fokkema IF, Kroon M, López Hernández JA, Asscheman D, Lugtenburg I, Hoogenboom J, den Dunnen JT. The LOVD3 platform: efficient genome-wide sharing of genetic variants. Eur J Hum Genet (2021).

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